Martial Arts Jokes

  1. Once, there was a martial artist who had a pet snake. He named it “Jujitsu” because it was an expert at coiling and grappling!
  2. Why did the karate master become a chef? Because he knew how to chop, slice, and dice with precision!
  3. Two martial artists were having a friendly sparring session when one of them said, “You fight like a chicken!” The other replied, “Well, I guess you could say I’m a ‘poultry’ in motion!”
  4. Once, there was a martial artist who loved to tell jokes during his training sessions. His students said, “Sensei, why do you always make us laugh?” He replied, “Laughter is a great way to warm up those abdominal muscles!”
  5. A martial arts student asked his sensei, “Sensei, what’s the difference between karate and judo?” The sensei replied, “In karate, you punch and kick. In judo, you throw and grapple. But in both, you have to bow and say ‘ouch’ occasionally!”