Benefits of FIMA Membership

  • Receive free ID Card, Logo Patch, Official Membership Certificate, FIMA t-shirt
  • Network with the largest worldwide group of Israeli Martial Arts practitioners.
  • Exposure to a wide variety of Israeli martial arts and self-defense styles.
  • Eligibility for recognition of current rank, belt, or instructor certification. Submission of application and appropriate documentation from a recognized Israeli Martial Arts organization required.
  • Participation in FIMA-sanctioned seminars/workshops to attain rank levels or instructor certification.
  • Access to members-only section of the FIMA website.
  • Discounts for FIMA merchandise - 5% for 3 yr members and 10% for LIFETIME members
  • Priority admission for FIMA-sponsored workshops and seminars.
  • Online learning through our future FIMA university.

Any member in good standing who is a certified Instructor in any Israeli Martial Art style is invited to apply for FIMA instructor certification. Proof of current certification is necessary to be considered for FIMA-Instructor certification. Note, this initial certification Is for FIMA Instructor Recognition. This certification will allow the Instructor to advertise and refer to themselves as a “FIMA instructor”. This certification expires after one year. 

Cost: $100

After one year with an Instructor Recognition certificate, members in good standing will be required to submit application for a FIMA Instructor Certificate. FIMA Instructor certification will require completion of a FIMA-sanctioned instructor training course, workshop, or seminar given by a FIMA Representative or FIMA Board Member. The Instructor applicant must inform the Representative or Board Member (prior to the event) that they are applying for full FIMA Instructor certification. The applicant will also be required to submit 10-15 minutes of video documentation demonstrating their teaching abilities (classes, seminars, workshops, etc). FIMA instructor licenses expire after one year. Renewal license requires participation in a minimum of 8 hours of Continuing Personal Development (training in a FIMA-sanctioned event – workshop, seminar, certification course, etc). 

Cost: $100 initial and $75 yearly renewal.

FIMA is looking for very highly qualified individuals in every country and every state in the USA to act as our Representatives. Certified Israeli martial arts instructors who are members in good standing, are eligible to apply for positions as representatives. Representative applicants must submit martial arts resumes, including copies of Israeli Martial Arts certificates, awards, association memberships and instructors. Applicants with FIMA board members as referrals will be given priority. Representatives are chosen on a rotating 3-yr basis. FIMA Representatives must be FIMA instructors. They are responsible for testing and training FIMA instructors and will be entitled to receive 100% of these training fees. They will be entitled to use our branding and to conduct/host FIMA-sanctioned events and will be advertised on our FIMA website.