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FIMA Breakdown


Surviving A Knife Attack Above the Solar Plexus

Gheorghe Husar our England Representative and owner of Spartans Academy demonstrates this technique.



Timo Hennekes our FIMA Benelux Representative demonstrates this defense.


Real World street fights

In a real fight everybody gets hit at some point.  How do you prepare your students?  What drills do you teach, and how much contact in class is enough?


Knife to neck defense

Kapap instructor Bruce Rubinberg from Virginia gives a detailed explanation with his knife to neck defense technique.


Defending against knife attacks

Dr. Itay Gil our Director of IMCO (International Military Combatitives Organization) demonstrates techniques against knife threats.


Trapping knee attacks and Defenses

David Kahn our Director of ICTA (Israeli Combative Tactics Association) demonstrates these techniques. 


Simultaneous defense & attack        + retzev vs weapons

David  Kahn our ICTA director provides key principles to disrupt an attacker.


impact weapon defenses: lower body attacks

David  Kahn our ICTA director demonstrates leg defense while maintaining upper body defense against the attacker.