Shuki III S18 Premium Fixed Blade Tactical Knife with Holster (Coyote Handle)


The patented design was conceived by Shuki Drai, a dedicated knife practitioner, and self-defense instructor.

The S18 Shuki III Knife is a unique multipurpose tool providing a multitude of superior tactical and functional advantages, and is intended for soldiers, law enforcement officers, security personnel and private individuals for Tactical Defense, Hunting, Camping, Survival and Close Quarter Encounters.

The design features allow you to perform many functions with exceptional leverage and effect. The curve of the blade is optimized for maximum sustained contact and cutting and also weighted and sharp enough to chop wood.

The multiple thumb rises and guard peaks can be used to strike, pressure, or disarm. They also provide superior protection, retention, grip options and different finger placement points for powerful or fine precision cutting. The extensive top and bottom teeth allow for gripping, trapping, hooking, and joint manipulation. The handle is shaped with finger grooves and spaced sections of teeth for an exceptionally secure grip. The bow of the spine forms a tight anatomical fit for superior hooking and passing. The heel has a retention strap capability and is also designed for striking and controlling. Choose from Black Handle on a Matte Black Blade or Coyote Handle on Stone Wash Blade. ($149 MSRP) FIMA price $99 – FIMA members use coupon code for your additional membership discount.



Thickness: 3/16″

Color: Coyote Handle on Stone Wash Blade

Handle Specifications: G 10 5.6mm

Blade Material: Stainless steel

Blade size: 6.5″

Overall length: 12.5″

Tactical Holster Material:  600 D Polyester


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