Martial Arts Jokes

  1. A karate student asked his sensei, “Sensei, how long will it take me to become a black belt?” The sensei replied, “The journey of a thousand kicks begins with a single training session.”
  2. Why did the martial artist bring a ladder to the dojo? Because he wanted to reach new heights in his training and “step up” his skills!
  3. A martial arts student asked his sensei, “Sensei, what is the key to success in martial arts?” The sensei smiled and said, “The secret is to use your keys to unlock your potential!”
  4. Why did the karate master open a bakery? Because he wanted to prove that his punches were as good as his rolls!
  5. A karate student asked his sensei, “Sensei, what belt should I wear to impress people?” The sensei replied, “The one that holds up your pants!”